How to become an ageless magical woman? 

We must be aware that our spiritual truth is that we are strong, beautiful, that we are goddesses, free, magical and wonderful ... As long as we do not succumb to fear, which is the biggest cause of aging and the stereotype of age.
We must allow ourselves to be real, authentic, without masks, original. Each of us is unique and special, so we do not need to compete. And each one is here with a special life purpose, which only she can fulfil.
 When we enter the power of the inner goddess (we do this by opening the heart and connecting with the essence of love, with the creator's mastermind), then we are made timeless and joyful. Joy is also a condition for our timelessness. Our inner satisfaction shines outward and there is no circumstance or a person who could take it away from us. So it is imperative that we live fully, joyfully, adventurously.
We take care of our body, we eat healthily, non-processed food, which has roots in the ground, and we exercise regularly.
And when we live timelessly, so that we are not too concerned with our age, this is reflected on our body and spirit.
We are livelier, we have more energy.
Meditation is necessary to connect with our light and our timelessness.
We also have to think out of the box.
So, we are living our timelessness with the vitality of a goddess. For our body is in a constant state of rejuvenation.
Everything is regenerated, and in the course of a few years, all of our cells are replaced.
Meditation is thus the most important factor in stopping the aging process, that’s why we feel so firm and smooth afterwards.
And when we move our body and not just sit still or lie down on a couch, we also stop the aging process.
We must avoid toxins from the environment and the food and, of course, the stress caused by elevated cortisol and adrenaline levels.We have to get enough sleep.
And we should also replace sugar with fresh fruit. Most of us eat it because of stress, because we are immediately transferred to the present moment. And flour has the same effect.
And so we are on the path of becoming a timeless goddess who is satisfied. The responsibility lies within us, and nothing in the outside world can help us with this.
Satisfaction is indispensable. We are pleased when we are grateful for our earthly life. When we are not looking for what we do not have, because by doing that, we increase our want, while we should rather be thankful for everything we have.
So we must constantly change the low and dark energy into high and vibrant energy.
We have to love ourselves. (self-love)
A positive attitude towards life helps us most. Positive thoughts are essential, so do not stay stuck in your earthly illusions. We should make sure we include new activities in our schedule. It is good if we don’t spend our days the same way, but include new activities in our schedule, visit new places, travel to foreign countries we haven’t visited yet.
And, of course, we do not even understand what senior moments are all about. These senior moments should not be included in our mind at all nor be discussed. We mind strong words. Nothing really gets worse after 40, nor do our minds fail, this is just a stereotype.
That's why we need an ageless mindset. Because our positive attitude towards age is necessary and powerful. 
We need a timeless mindset. And all people with a positive perception of life live longer. We also need our creativity in which we are joyful. This is our joy. When we escape from everything ... even from the family. That’s our time, that’s ours. That’s where our passion and our life mission are.
And the greatest way to achieve timelessness is a healthy mind and a healthy spirit.

We must surrender to the spirit, to the mastermind and not control every minute detail of our life.
We have decided to become ageless goddesses!
Do not let someone else's idea about what 40 or 50 or 60 or any other number means affect how you see yourself!
Age is just a number and ageless just means not buying into the idea that a number determines everything, from your state of health to your attractiveness to your value.
We can be younger at 60 compared to 30 because our lifestyle and our relationship to life have changed.
Ageless means that we do not follow the rules of what it means to be this or that age.
Our soul is ageless and is an expression of the divine.
Let us be aware that our natural state is love and not fear, which is a foreigner, and we are responsible for being either in the state of love and light or in the state of fear. We cannot be in both.

The Divine Magic Jewellery is filled with information of love, light and magic.The jewellery helps us become a ray of divine light and love and a sparkle of divine magic. When we wear it, we become a lighthouse and our presence erases all darkness within and around us.
With its power of beauty and vibration of wisdom, the Divine Magic Jewellery helps us connect to the luminous part of our being, to our soul and intuition. It helps us connect to the power of joy and fulfillment. It helps us to always choose love over fear, in all aspects of life.
The jewellery is our support on the path to our intuitive, magical, divine energy and to becoming timeless, magical, gifted, mighty and creative.

All my love.


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